Refocus investment away from Dublin

Dublin, and the surrounding area have historically received a lot of the focus and investment on development in this country but in the last 20 years this has accelerated to the point that the greater Dublin region now receives 80% of all new investment.

This has got to change. It needs to change for a number of reasons not least of which is that Dublin has far exceeded the point where it can even function coherently.

Where are we headed?

Most government functions are based in Dublin, most media is based in Dublin and the majority of academic institutions are in Dublin. This concentration will cause resources to continue to be drawn into the Dublin region even when people know it is not the best destination.

What can we do?

I want to see policy and legislation working to support a move away from Dublin. This might not be easy but unless there are quotas for infrastructure investment and new business grants which are heavily weighted towards the rest of the country I do not believe that Dublin, or Ireland can be sustainable.