My Priorities

Efficient and affordable housing

There is a massive shortage of affordable homes, either to rent or to buy. Clare County Council as the local government needs to be proactive in addressing this issue. We need to identify and bring forward solutions to the housing crisis as a matter of urgency.

We need a program to retrofit all of our homes to be warm, comfortable and energy efficient. The current system of grants excludes the majority of us from benefiting from reduced energy costs.

Low carbon options for transport

We need to build out electric vehicle infrastructure and increase the financial support available to help people be able to make the switch.

Public transport needs to be an attractive option, the Clare Bus model of flexible routes needs to be built on and a massively expanded range of solutions put in place.

A safe network of cycle-ways and footpaths can mean that we don’t always have to depend on our cars but it will also be a massive attraction for visitors to come and spend time in our communities, visitors whose presence will grow the opportunities available to local businesses.

Vibrant living communities

Coordinated support and investment in our towns and villages will help create vibrant places to live and work. Creches, playgrounds, youth clubs, green spaces, sports facilities and community social centers are all part of the fabric of a good quality of life, not luxuries to dream of.

Local economic opportunities

Remote working and the transition to a low carbon economy will allow more of us to live and work locally. Slow tourism projects such as the Lough Derg Greenway and Blueway must be harnessed to allow local craft and hospitality business to prosper but above all, I believe economic development needs to be refocused away from the east coast to allow us all to thrive.