We need to support our farming communities to make farming more sustainable, that means less inputs and a fair price for hard work and stewarding of our countryside, traditional rural farms properly managed are a key element of this. We need to make farming viable for families again.

We can’t fix everything with a stroke of a pen but we can start moving in the right direction now!

CAP is due for reform, this will be driven by Europe but the details will be decided nationally and maybe locally. We need to ensure that we decide in favor of Natural Value Farming.

We need to ensure that off-acre deductions are replaced with bio-diversity bonuses.

We need to ensure that soil quality, not just acreage is the key metric.

We need to reward plans for the next 25 years, not what was done 25 years ago.

We need vision and courage in support of those who steward our land and our water. We need to ensure that the value of nature and of our food supply are recognised and celebrated as pillars of our civilisation.