For those of you who don’t yet know me personally, I live in Tuamgraney with my wife and our two children. I am running in this election because I am concerned about the quality of life all of our children will have in the coming years if we fail to act now.

I want to be a strong voice in the council to ensure the next County Development Plan represents our community and the challenges we face now and in the coming years.

I am originally a native of Limerick City though I have spent a lot of my life in Clare. Most of the summers of my childhood were in Doonbeg in West Clare, and I moved to Ballyvaughan for work nearly 15 years ago.

I originally trained as an aircraft engineer in Shannon and I now work as Senior Network Engineer with a rural internet provider.
I believe this is relevant because I want people to understand that I already have a job – a good one.
I am a professional who works in a demanding environment creating solutions to technical and logistical issues all day every day

I am doing this because I feel very strongly that we need to take a long term view in how we plan for the future. I want to help shape and implement the positive, practical changes that will have far reaching positive effect not just on our lives now, but for the future we leave our children, and hopefully if we do it right, our children’s children for many more generations to come.