A new model for housing

We are in the middle of a housing crisis where over 10,000 people are homeless and 3500 children are living in shelters.

Every day more families end up in poor quality accommodation, more families are threatened with eviction, more families can’t afford a home, more families end up homeless and more money is spent on short term fixes rather than addressing the underlying causes.

Why are we here?

We need to build more houses. We now have a situation where Clare County Council and other councils are bidding against people looking to buy their own homes. The only effect of this is to drive up house prices all round.

What can we do?

I want to see housing bodies like Inis and Tulla housing associations financed and built upon. I want to see more community projects brought forward because I want to see the future residents and local communities fully and deeply involved in the planning process of these developments.

Clare County Council needs to be the planning authority and the quality control agent of our housing. It is not possible for Clare County Council to also be the builder and the letting agent without a serious conflict of interest.

Where to from here?

We need to build a lot more housing, we need to build integrated public mixed housing, available for everyone at affordable rents, for as long as needed. We need to have social and community facilities embedded within the projects and we need to ensure that sustainable, efficient and frequent public transport is part of the plan from day 1.

We are told that the housing crisis is complicated, that it will take time and that everything is being done but if a housing project has a 59 week lead time (as we are told) then we need to start planning a lot of them, now.